The “ACT NOW” Campaign urges the Provinces of South Africa and the National Government to halt and reform the proposed Copyright and Performer’s Protection Amendment Bills, which pose a serious threat to the country’s creative industries and economy.

Despite objections from over 25 industry associations and concerns raised by legal and business professionals, the government seems determined to push through the legislation without considering the consequences.

The Bills will undermine the foundations of the creative industries and make South Africa a copyright pariah. Although the Constitutional Court has already found certain sections of the Copyright Bill to be inadequate, Government’s position has not shifted. The ascent of the Bills will cause irreparable damage, even if they are eventually successfully challenged in the Constitutional Court.

The campaign calls for immediate action to protect South Africa’s creative industries.

We call on Government to ACT NOW to stop the Amendment Bills.

What happens next will determine our future!

The following industry associations are opposed to the passing of the Copyright Amendment Bill & Performers Protection Amendment Bill